Sep 26

Hankook Tire Adds to EV Tire Line

Leading global tire maker Hankook Tire today unveiled iON evo and iON evo SUV, the latest in the company’s iON line of tires specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs). The all-new tires deliver uncompromised performance in summer conditions for high-performance EVs and are built with iON technology that focuses on tread wear, noise reduction, and unique grip performance for EVs.

“Our newest iON tires deliver impressive performance and reliability without compromising the unique features that electric vehicles require,” said Rob Williams, President, Hankook Tire America Corp. “Following the launch of our first iON all-season tires in the fall, which was met with great excitement in the North American EV segment, these new products meet the demands of high-performance electric cars and SUVs in summer conditions, when drivers can most enjoy the open road and get the most out of their vehicles. With iON evo and iON evo SUV, drivers who have made the switch to electric can count on Hankook to continue delivering impressive mileage, performance, and comfort for their EVs on those long summer days, no matter what conditions they face.”


EVs place unique demands on their tires compared to their ICE equivalents. Increased weight from heavier battery packs create greater wear-causing stress, while instantaneous power delivery requires improved traction, steering and braking performance. Rolling resistance needs to be reduced to maximize battery life, and the lack of powertrain means that road noise is far more prevalent, necessitating noise-proof technology to improve cabin comfort.

Hankook’s new iON tires are tailored to meet these unique demands. The iON evo and iON evo SUV push the limits of performance EVs with class-leading handling, wet grip and enhanced mileage, while delivering the low rolling resistance and cabin comfort that EV drivers have come to expect.

Advanced handling and grip in the wet
iON evo and iON evo SUV are tailored to bear the significantly greater initial torque that EVs deliver compared to their ICE equivalents. EV “Grip Boost” Technology increases cornering stiffness by 10 percent, while advanced Aramid fiber is applied to improve steering performance and enhanced shoulder blocks ensure optimized rigidity and maximum road contact. To ensure driver safety in adverse conditions, iON evo and iON evo SUV provide enhanced wet grip, with optimized groove sizes to improve drainage performance and expanding grooves to secure wet performance without compromising on road noise.

Even tread wear and enhanced mileage
To deliver enhanced mileage, iON evo and iON evo SUV are built with Hankook’s signature “ProDurable Compound”, composed of high-concentration silica and eco-friendly materials, ensuring that road pressure is evenly spread to extend tire life and provide healthier tire conditions. The tires are also engineered to spread ground pressure evenly to provide longer usage and less replacement.

Extended range with lower rolling resistance
The latest Hankook Tire Gauge Index found that range and charging anxiety are the biggest challenges for drivers not yet comfortable with driving EVs, with 52 percent saying that they were concerned with the range, finding somewhere to charge or the length of time to charge the vehicle. To help ease these concerns, Hankook’s iON evo and iON evo SUV offer reduced rolling resistance by using iExtremeLightness technology, which provides drivers with peace of mind that comes with extra range.

Noise-proof technology for peaceful cruising
iON evo and iON evo SUV feature noise-proofing technology to account for the increased road and wind noise that can occur in EVs due to the lack of an ICE powertrain. Hankook’s engineers have built these new tires with optimized multi-pitch sequencing to minimize tread pattern noise, reducing cabin noise by 18 percent compared to regular tires.

“The acceleration in the performance EV market means that drivers are looking for tires that maximize their experience during the varied conditions that summer driving can bring,” said Kijong Kil, Vice President of RE Development, Hankook Tire. “iON evo and iON evo SUV expand Hankook’s offering for EV owners seeking the best performance from their vehicles while getting the best out of the electric cars and SUVs they drive. We’re confident that these new products deliver the outstanding electric performance that is a hallmark of the iON line-up.”

The Hankook iON evo SUV is available in 8 sizes ranging from 18 to 22 inches, while the iON evo is available in 8 sizes ranging from 18 to 21 inches. Both tires come with a 30 day free trial.

Hankook iON evo and iON evo SUV are the latest additions to Hankook’s iON tire range, following the launch of iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV for all-season performance in December 2022. According to the recent Hankook Tire Gauge Index, a survey of Americans’ driving habits, more than half (55%) of Americans either currently own or plan to purchase or lease an EV.

Hankook’s experience in developing tires for EVs is extensive, with the company’s existing original equipment tires optimized for EVs already being used by leading global automotive brands. iON technology is also being developed at the pinnacle of electric motorsport: the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, where the Hankook iON race tire has been delivering spectacular racing performance at circuits across the globe in 2023 and at the 2023 Southwire Portland E-Prix this weekend in Portland, Ore.

Source: Hankook Tire

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