Nov 24, 2021

Hemp, Inc. Acquires American Sustainable Rubber Company, LLC

Bold moves, strategic partnerships and expanded capabilities, Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) is on a mission to be a powerhouse of social change and economic revival and sustainability.  In an all-stock transaction, the Company purchased a 100% membership interest from United American Healthcare Corporation (UAHC), a diversified holdings company, to acquire full ownership of American Sustainable Rubber Company, LLC (ASR), which is pursuing large-scale production of natural rubber through a genetically modified rubber source at The Ohio State University. The acquisition will enable Hemp, Inc. to leverage ASR’s proprietary intellectual property to improve its hemp grows and harvesting.

“This is Hemp, Inc.’s second major acquisition in less than 3 months. Our first acquisition was in September, of this year. We acquired Ferris Holding, Inc., a leading co-packer and manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This allowed us to expand our product launches in the global hemp market.  And now with the ASR acquisition, I couldn’t be more excited and inspired by the momentum we’re gaining as we continue to fortify our competitive positioning and aggressive marketing strategy. These strategic acquisitions allow us to develop new avenues of long-term profitable growth that I’m sure our shareholders will appreciate,” said Jim Hancock, President of Hemp, Inc. …

ASR is one of the innovative companies passionately pursuing large-scale domestic production of natural rubber through a genetically modified rubber source. That source is dandelions, one of the most familiar plants in the world that just about anyone can identify at a glance and beloved by children for the mere pleasure of “blowing the puffball”. And ASR has exclusive rights to the genetically modified T.K. Dandelions (Buckeye Gold), developed at The Ohio State University, to be grown in hydroponic settings for rubber production.

Source: Hemp Inc.

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