Apr 11, 2023

How Is ATD Changing the Way Tires Are Recycled

The tire industry is aware of the issues that end-of-life tires can cause when improperly disposed and wants to find ways to mitigate the environmental impact of their products. That’s why many industry leaders are creating better ways to recycle tires while decarbonizing the industry.

One such leader, American Tire Distributors (ATD), is committed to finding better uses for used tires. According to the company, 235 million tires are produced every year, and today 17% of used tires are sent to landfills. While that may not sound like a lot — and shows an improvement compared to previous decades — 17% year after year adds up.

To create a more sustainable business solution helping tire retailers, communities and the environment, ATD has built a recycling initiative that uses a holistic approach — picking up retailers’ scrap tires while delivering new tires. …

Source: The Observer

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