Jul 20

Kal Tire and Tire Circularity in Chile

In April 2023, IM Editorial Director, Paul Moore, toured Kal Tire Chile’s unique mining tyre recycling facility near Antofagasta with Rodrigo Reyes, Kal Tire Chile Recycling Plant Manager and Carlos Zuniga, Kal Tire Chile General Manager. There have been many attempts around the world to start up meaningful large mining tyre recycling capability based on pyrolysis – some remain on a small scale, but many others have closed either due to fires and safety incidents, or failure to get consistent results or have failed to achieve sustainability goals in terms of actual production of saleable byproducts.

Canadian tyre management and service company Kal Tire has uniquely succeeded in establishing the world’s first commercial mining tyre recycling operation in La Negra, Chile – getting it right both in terms of the process itself, with saleable byproducts, but crucially doing so in a country where mining tyre recycling is now mandatory under the REP Law. …

Source: International Mining

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