Jun 17

Klean Industries & Life for Tyres Sign MOU to Accelerate the Deployment of Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

Klean Industries Inc (“Klean”), a leading company providing technologies and solutions to solve the global end-of-life tire issue, is pleased to announce that it has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with L4T Group Life for Tyres Ltd. (“L4T”), a global company that develops, builds, and operates end-of-life tire manufacturing & pyrolysis facilities. Klean and L4T intend to explore a business relationship in which L4T and Klean collaborate by sharing their business strengths to develop and create integrated and holistic manufacturing & recycling solutions for the global marketplace with a focus on manufacturing sustainable commodities from end-of-life tires (“ELTs”).

Initial efforts will be directed to the development of the first project to be located in the City of Koriyama (Fukushima prefecture) which is about 230km from central Tokyo, Japan. The companies intend to leverage their respective relationships with industry-leading participants, including supply chain partners, customers, and technology providers to achieve the objectives outlined in the MOU. A significant component of the joint relationship will be in use of Klean’s and L4T’s technology in the project. Klean has a 20-year track record of working in Japan where it has built reference tire pyrolysis plants and developed well-established relationships with both feedstock and offtake supply chain partners that it will draw upon for introductions to L4T in support of the MOU. L4T is also strongly positioned in Japan, with its subsidiary L4T Japan G.K. and a strong network of partners, including one of the world’s largest suppliers of commodities.

Closing the loop of the life-cycle on ELTs is complete when the end-of-life tires are delivered to the processing plants where sustainable commodities such as recovered carbon black (“rCB”) and advanced biofuel feedstock are manufactured and re-distributed back into the rubber, chemical, and oil & gas manufacturing sectors. These sustainable commodities are reused to produce new green products with significantly lower carbon intensity throughout the manufacturing and production supply chain associated with the tire industry. All these activities will then be combined into the Klean Loop™, a SaaS blockchain technology, as a fully integrated system to track and trace all aspects of the tire life cycle. The patent pending Klean Loop™ platform will provide supply chain transparency which will further enable the supply chain partners to measurably improve their financial and environmental performance.

“We look forward to building upon our strong relationship with Klean Industries, joining our knowledge and expertise to jointly grow and expand our business operations. In L4T Group, we are firmly committed to accelerating the expansion of advanced manufacturing facilities, increasing installed capacities globally, and bringing added value to our stakeholders, clients, and investors. We believe that this is possible to achieve only with dedication, hard work, and collaboration – something that this signed MOU between Klean Industries and L4T Group represents,” said Tilen Milicevic, CEO of L4T Group Life For Tyres.

“This MOU establishes the framework and vision to drive growth not seen before in the tire pyrolysis sector with two well-established players. By joining forces with L4T Group, our common goal is to accelerate the deployment of advanced manufacturing facilities, and by doing so we enable larger volumes of sustainable commodities to be produced from end-of-life tires. We believe this partnership with L4T represents an important opportunity to support a completely circular tire industry. Our collaboration is a shining example of what can be done when partnering to create symbiosis between opportunities, waste, resources, and energy, while also advancing the goal of zero waste to landfill,” commented Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries Inc.

Source: Klean Industries

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