Jan 16

Liberty Tire: State of the Scrap Tire Industry

Each year, the U.S. generates approximately 300 million scrap tires. While a number of these end up in landfills, the majority of scrap tires are used in a variety of ways, including as ground material rubber to create rubber-modified asphalt.

According to John Sheerin, director, End-of-Life Tire Programs at the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA), the tire recycling industry is in a state of transition. As he explained, there is a distinct trend towards increased utilization of ground tire rubber in new products like molded and extruded goods and landscaping mulch.

“Further growth in rubber modified asphalt is expected,” Sheerin said. “However, continuing movement towards non-solid fuels have adversely impacted tire-derived fuel markets that historically have consumed the majority of scrap tires since the 1990s. So, we are seeing a shift towards …

Source: Liberty Tire

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