Apr 14, 2022

Meet Cimcorp’s Award-winning Tire Industry Software at Tire Technology Expo

Cimcorp, a leading system integrator in the tire industry, is pioneering the digital transformation of tire manufacturing by connecting machines to form cutting-edge tire plants with award-winning software.

Unlike machine suppliers, Cimcorp is a holistic system integrator with an interface that gives access to the complete tire-manufacturing process. Cutting through control systems from the process level all the way up to the management level, Cimcorp Dream Factory makes it possible for tire plants to maximize productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

“Our award-winning software solution gives access to all possible data related to tire manufacturing and we believe that nobody else has provided analytics for the tire industry on this scale.” Jyrki Anttonen, Cimcorp’s Technology Director

“Tire manufacturers are increasingly investing in smart factories to future-proof their operations,” explains Veli-Matti Hakala, Director, Tire Industry Sales at Cimcorp. “Automation is the key to success for tire factories; it makes it possible to increase output while also ensuring sustainability and building resilience.”

Software recognized by a global automation award

The Journey to Automation (J2A) Awards recognize leading players in the field of automation and digital transformation of the tire industry. Cimcorp won the Tire Manufacture – Suppliers Award  in 2020 for ‘Improving the Data Analytics of the Tire Factory’.

The J2A judging panel stated, “This is an automation route that can significantly improve the efficiency and output of tire plants. Cimcorp has developed a tire production dashboard, and is leveraging data from different sources to improve the complete flow of tire manufacturing from material handling to finished goods. This is already in use internationally.”

Customizable to achieve the best solution

Although it is an end-to-end automation solution for tire plants, Cimcorp Dream Factory is modular in design and can be implemented in stages, if required. An ideal area to begin with automation is warehousing and dispatch. Efficiency can be significantly increased by investing in a fully automated process from finished tire palletizing to shipping. An automated high-bay warehouse provides great storage density for better space utilization, integrated with Cimcorp software to secure the dispatch process.

Meet us at Tire Technology Expo

Join us at Tire Technology Expo, which takes place from 18-20 May in Hannover. We will showcase how our robotic and automation technologies meet the challenges of today’s PCR and TBR tire plants and distribution centers.

Visitors to Tire Technology Expo are invited to discover more about Cimcorp Dream Factory and book a meeting with the Cimcorp team at our booth #9036, Hall 21.

Source: Cimcorp

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