May 5, 2021

Michelin’s latest racing tire developed almost entirely virtually

Michelin is about to see the race debut in the FIA World Endurance Championship of its racing tire for the newly created Le Mans Hypercar class – a tire that was developed almost entirely virtually.

“The development of these tires was something of a challenge,” observed Pierre Alves, manager of Michelin’s WEC program. “We had to work quickly and closely with the constructors, but without access to the actual cars. All we could use was simulation software. The Hypercars are technically very different to the LMP1s we have been accustomed to in recent years. To begin with, they are heavier and less powerful, although the power output of their internal combustion engines is higher and the amount of electric power delivered by the hybrid cars has come down. Despite being heavier, their top speeds are the same, however, while their aerodynamics are less complex, with only a single configuration authorized for the entire season, compared with two previously.

Source: Tire Industry International

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