Sep 13, 2022

NEXEN TIRE Releases 2021–2022 ESG Report

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced the release of its ESG report for 2021–2022 that contains data on the company’s performance of sustainable management.

The South Korean tire maker has been publishing its ESG reports and carrying out related management activities, starting with the first publication of 2019–20. The performance of ESG management, task execution, upcoming plans, and strategies have been included in the report.

To strengthen its ESG management system, NEXEN TIRE established a Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) planning team over the course of the previous year. Additionally, this team specifically addresses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which examines the major environmental influences on the product, maintains research for the creation of environmentally friendly products, continues social contribution activities, and ensures reliable board operation.

The company intends to consistently establish environmental management guidelines that covers all aspects of the environment, including greenhouse gas and energy consumption, waste, and biodiversity protection, in order to promote eco-friendly management in the future.

“As we commemorate our 80th anniversary this year, NEXEN TIRE will keep looking for ways to highlight the importance of sustainable management while focusing on long-term future growth,” said Travis Kang, Global CEO of NEXEN TIRE. “We will help further develop a culture where all employees can internalize and broaden ESG management.”

Meanwhile, NEXEN TIRE has been working to improve its corporate sustainability by upgrading its rating from the Bronze it received in 2021 to the Silver it most recently received from EcoVadis, one of the most reputable sources of business sustainability ratings in the fields of environmental, labor, human rights, and sustainability purchases.


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