Sep 2, 2021

Nokian CT Trailer Tire with Higher Load Capacity

​Agricultural, municipal and earthmoving contractors face the same demands for efficiency as every other industry. Bigger, more powerful tractors can pull ever bigger tipping trailers with heavier load on one go, manage faster road transits – and get more done in the same amount of time.“The Nokian CT trailer tire was created in response to this need for strong, yet comfortable tire”, says Tero Saari, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “We had to come up with something new that could handle the heavy loads while being economical to use with a long service life.”

The challenger arrives

Nokian Tyres has been a forerunner of agricultural flotation tires for many years. The Nokian CT trailer tire, with its extremely wear and damage resistant earthmoving-grade radial structure and thick pattern, large contact area and extra high-strength construction is the peak of this tire know-how.

“Released in 2014, the Nokian CT is still among the sturdiest, most stable trailer tires in the world”, Tero Saari says. “What’s more, its rubber compound proved to be so tough that even we were surprised by the long service life of the first production samples,” he grins.

Today, the Nokian CT trailer tire enjoys global popularity thanks to its versatility.

“We didn’t want to narrow down its use too much”, Tero Saari says. “In the real world, the same tire may be used for earthmoving, farming and many other uses – and Nokian CT trailer tire has proven its worth in all of these, making it a popular OEM tire for trailer manufacturers.” …

Source: Nokian Tyre

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