Feb 7, 2022

Nokian Heavy Tyres Takes Part in the LEVITOI Project

Business Finland has granted EUR 4.5 million € funding for the LEVITOI project coordinated by Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Climate change is changing operating conditions outside the road network worldwide, for example in Finland, rising temperatures and increasing rainfall are weakening the bearing capacity of the soil. New technological solutions are needed as the volume of logistics in agriculture and forestry grows globally. The LEVITOI consortium is exploring new machine and equipment solutions to overcome the logistics and handling challenges of primary production.

The field studies and experiments of the LEVITOI project investigate the feasibility of technical alternatives and their effects on productivity and operational capacity in the changing conditions of primary production. In addition the project will explore new ways to identify and manage soil changes caused by vehicles and machinery. The research results will help companies utilize simulation and modeling to develop new products and also more broadly in their business.

Researching the performance and potential of advanced smart tires

Nokian Heavy Tyres is involved in this project researching the performance and potential of its advanced smart tires among agriculture, forestry and heavy transport end uses.

– In this project, our special interest is in soft terrains such as fields and forest floors, and in identifying the special features of these terrains. The information obtained through the smart tire can play a significant role in preventing excessive soil compaction and possible damages both in the forest and on unpaved roads, says Mika Haapalainen, Development Manager at Nokian Tyres.

Source: Nokian Tyres

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