Feb 8, 2022

Pirelli Elect Tire: Fit for Electric Cars

A sports car has different requirements from those of a city car; the former, for example, will need maximum grip during acceleration and braking, whereas the latter will need a greater level of comfort and a lower rolling resistance in order to reduce fuel consumption. And a touring car and an off-roader will use tires designed on the basis of totally different assumptions.

The same thing happens for electric cars which, compared with traditional vehicles, weigh considerably more as a result of their battery packs, deliver much higher torque as soon as you just touch the accelerator, have to maximize their range so as not to “run dry” of energy and seek to provide as quiet an environment as possible in order to take advantage of the level of comfort generated by the almost zero level of mechanical noise.

These requirements have resulted in the development of the Pirelli Elect, a mix of technologies capable of responding to the needs of electrified cars, whether they are BEVs or plug-in hybrids. …

Source: Autosphere

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