Feb 10, 2023

Pirelli Releases 2023 Calendar – Love Letters To The Muse

The 2023 Pirelli Calendar arrives in a large, creamy white envelope delicately embossed with the image of a butterfly. It forms the perfect packaging for what lies within – Emma Summerton’s Love Letters to the Muse, a series of sumptuous portraits that honour the women who have inspired the Australian photographer.
The Calendar brings together 28 shots of 14 models portrayed in the dreamy style that is a feature of Summerton’s work. Each model was chosen for their close affinity with the Muse they represented on the sets which were created in London and New York for shoots that took place in June and July. “In my shots, the borderline between the role that the models play and what they really are is not clearly defined and everything blends together to create a magical realism,” explained the photographer.
Stories to tell
The Photographer muse was the starting point for Summerton’s concept, with the model Guinevere van Seenus, who is known for her love of taking photos, chosen for this role. Next came Sasha Pivovarova, a painter as well as a model and one who Summerton has always thought looks like a painting herself. As The Painter, Pivovarova was invited to draw on the walls of the set, in a space that echoed Australian artist and dancer Vali Myers’ colourful, excessive and bohemian works. “There are loops and circles joining up because Sasha doesn’t see the difference between modelling and painting, which creates a beautiful synergy,” added Summerton.The other women stepped up for their roles. …

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