Jan 29

Recycled Rubber Coalition Releases White Paper on EV Tire Waste

In the first analysis of its kind, the Recycled Rubber Coalition estimates that as drivers transition to EVs, the U.S. will produce more than 350 million scrap tires annually by 2030, 37 million more than from traditional combustion engines. Without proper reuse, those tires could end up in junkyards and landfills, creating environmental and public health hazards.

The good news is that tires are made to last and are the perfect material for a circular economy. Yesterday’s tires can become tomorrow’s rubber-modified asphalt, crumb rubber infill, or poured-in-place playground surfaces.

From the Report: At present, the United States produces 315 million scrap tires per year. With the adoption of EVs, we expect that number to increase 12%, to 352 million scrap tires annually by 2030. …

Source: Recycled Rubber Coalition

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