May 8, 2023

Scrap Tire Processing Industry Changing in Saskatchewan

Tire Stewardship of Saskatchewan (TSS) announces changes to its program. To improve efficiency and program costs, TSS is committed to returning to at least two processors in the province, in the south and in the north.

A request for proposals in 2021 for a second scrap tire processor in the southern part of the province resulted in the selection of Crumb Rubber Manufacturers (CRM®) by TSS in 2022. CRM®, located in Moose Jaw, begins operations in May. The contract with the existing TSS northern processor, Shercom Industries, expires April 30, 2023. TSS will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a northern based tire processor or processors.

A program review in 2017 determined the need for the scrap tire processing industry in Saskatchewan to change. Processors with established markets for higher-value end use products which displace other more carbon intensive alternatives significantly reduce the overall environmental impact of TSS’s program. Furthermore, because of the market demand for higher value products, processors are less reliant on incentive fees ensuring that consumers receive better value for the tire recycling fees collected. In addition, the program efficiencies from multiple locations, and lower fees, will result in cost savings which will be utilized to clean up old tire piles around the province.

“TSS is committed to running an efficient program on behalf of tire retailers and to encourage practices that lower the industry’s impact on the environment,” says Colin Fraser, Chair of TSS. “TSS is moving the Saskatchewan tire processing industry forward based on rewarding innovation and the development of new products and new markets,” adds Stevyn Arnt, CEO, TSS.

Source: TSS

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