Mar 17, 2022

Smithers’ Traction Summit: “Sustainability in Tires”

Traction Summit 2022: “Sustainability in Tires” is coming to Charlotte, NC, and online, July 26-27, 2022!

Traction Summit 2022: “Sustainability in Tires” will focus on sustainability in the tire industry, from raw material selection, to fuel efficiency, to end of life options. This event will provide an exciting new forum for a comprehensive assessment of sustainability issues in the tire industry.

Traction Summit is the definitive meeting place to discuss and understand future opportunities for tires, and to make the connections needed to capitalize on those prospects. With a unique blend of speakers and attendees from throughout the full tire supply chain, including tire sensor startups, the world’s leading tire manufacturers, and the voice of the customer from fleets, aftermarket, and OEMs, Traction Summit is unlike any conference in the tire sector. This event is the perfect place to network with industry insiders, hear ideas and insights from different parts of the supply chain, and learn about innovations, growth opportunities, and the latest trends.

Source: Smithers

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