Oct 18, 2022

The Science Behind Ultra-High-Performance Tires

The dream of going fast began soon after the invention of gasoline-fueled vehicles in 1880. The first true race was held in 1895 from Paris to Bordeaux and back with a distance of 1,178 km (732 mi.) and average speed of 24.15 kph (15 mph). In the same year, the first 54-mile race from Chicago to Evanston and back happened in the USA. With just six cars, only two eventually were able to finish the race with an average speed of 7 mph.

In short, the world of vehicles and their components has come a long way since 1895. The technology behind racing trickled down to street vehicles and their parts. Today, street cars can reach speeds north of 300 mph. As a result, …
The Science Behind Designing a UHP Tire

UHP customers are demanding. They pay the premium price for their vehicles and expect the vehicle parts to perform at the highest level, including tires.

The performance expectation is generally categorized into two categories of basic and additional performance.

First off, tires need to meet the basic expectation. They need to fit into the wheel, fit into the car, stay on the wheel, carry the load, have durability and perform at a high-speed level without signs of deterioration or separation. …

Source: Tire Review

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