Oct 24, 2022

Tire Review: Sailun Tire President Dishes On ‘Limitless’ Potential Of ERange EV Tire

Here’s a fact: Electric vehicle drivers who aren’t using tires built to handle the unique needs of EVs are only getting a surface-level EV experience. It’s like going to a 3D movie without your 3D glasses – sure, you still enjoyed the show, but you didn’t experience it the way it was intended. In the case of EVs, drivers are missing out on performance, tire longevity and, depending on the EV tire spec’d, potentially dozens of extra miles of EV range per charge. …

Ron Dolan, president of Sailun Tires America, says the company’s new EV tire offering, the ERange, is one Sailun can hang its hat on to become a leader in the electrified vehicle segment. Read on as Dolan tells us the ins and outs of how Sailun is bringing this tire to market; the ERange’s development path; Sailun’s electrification marketing strategy; and what the ERange could mean for future tire development. …

Source: Tire Review

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