Jan 15

TireHub Revs Up Independent Dealer Experience with Launch of TireHub Plus

TireHub, the national tire distributor co-founded by Bridgestone Americas Inc. (Bridgestone) and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (Goodyear), has unveiled its TireHub Plus program designed to elevate the operations of independent tire dealers nationwide.

TireHub Plus is a comprehensive solution of tools and services that will help boost revenue, enhance profitability, attract new consumers, and increase overall consumer satisfaction for TireHub customers.

“TireHub Plus is more than just a program; it’s a commitment to empowering our independent dealers,” expressed Curtis Brison, TireHub’s vice president of sales, marketing, and strategic growth. “We see TireHub as more than just a tire distributor for our customers. We are a true partner who keeps their complete business in mind. These dealers work tirelessly to serve their communities; we want to enable their growth with meaningful contributions to their bottom line.”

The program offers a number of benefits to its independent customer base, including:

  • Purchase Incentives that Enhance Profitability: TireHub Plus offers exclusive opportunities for its members to earn additional dollars on eligible quarterly tire purchases.
  • Road Hazard Warranty Program to Protect Dealers and Consumers: TireHub Plus introduces a competitive Road Hazard Protection Program that provides comprehensive coverage, an easy-to-use online claims portal and quick reimbursements to members on claims.
  • Digital Solutions and Marketing Funds to Win New Business: TireHub Plus members receive access to a suite of digital solutions designed to attract new customers both in store and online. Marketing dollars that are earned monthly can be used towards customer retention campaigns, website development, online tire sales tools, training, in-store/digital marketing, and more.
  • Alternative Customer Financing that Introduces New Revenue and Keeps the Sale: TireHub Plus members can offer an alternative customer financing solution beyond traditional credit cards. With an easy application process for customers and zero risk and zero start-up costs for dealers, this new revenue stream will increase profitability to TireHub Plus members.
  • Retail Pricing Tools Designed to Maximize Dealers’ Competitive Edge: TireHub Plus members have access to tools that optimize their pricing strategy and reflect market shifts and customer demands. Leveraging these tools maximizes profits and competitiveness.
  • Product Screen Tool that Gives Insights Into Local Market Dynamics: Customized data sets help TireHub Plus members better understand local sales and trends. With this information, dealers can stay agile and stock the right products to meet customer demands quickly.
  • Dealer Benchmarking Tools that Unlock Profit-Maximizing Opportunities: TireHub Plus members can compare key profit drivers to like dealers across the country to ensure that they can enhance overall business performance and maximize their total profitability.
  • Training Solutions that Create and Retain Expert Employees: Mobile and online access to training material is designed help improve employee knowledge and retention on the job. Comprehensive trainings include access to product knowledge, customer service skills, technical fundamentals, and safety standards.

Brison further emphasized TireHub’s dedication to supporting independent dealers, saying, “Our teams have always been devoted to providing dealers with premium products, industry-leading service, and differentiated solutions. Whether it’s protecting their investments, helping them to market their businesses, or providing additional rewards and incentives, we want to demonstrate that TireHub is the best partner to meet any and all needs of our independent dealers.”

To learn more about the TireHub Plus program, please visit www.tirehub.com/tirehub-plus.

Source: TireHub

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