Nov 18, 2022

Truthers, Liars and the Disadvantaged: The Three Groups Who Won’t Buy Winter Tires

Winter has arrived across most of the country.

There is a magic to that first snow of the season. It casts a spell that transforms drivers into two categories: lunatics driving as if it were a dry day in July, and those driving 20 kilometres an hour paralyzed by fear. The only thing more predictable than the inevitability of Canadian winter is the ineptitude with which Canadian drivers will react to its arrival.

The inaugural snowfall also reveals clearly who has snow tires and who doesn’t. During Toronto’s first snow this week, for instance, those driving on all-season or summer tires were easy to spot. As their rubber stiffened …

If only someone would invent a tread rubber compound designed to remain flexible during extreme cold that would grip the road better than summer or all-season tires. And if only …

Source: The Globe & Mail

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