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Turning Waste into Highway Gold for Sustainable Roads

In the realm of road construction, the insatiable appetite for non-renewable natural aggregates and industrial products like bitumen, lime, and cement has sparked environmental concerns.

As the construction industry grapples with the dual challenge of high solid waste generation and inadequate disposal methods, researchers are diligently seeking innovative solutions. One promising avenue is the integration of solid waste as alternative materials in road construction and maintenance.

This review delves into recent studies exploring the generation of waste materials and their potential for reuse in both flexible and rigid pavements. By examining the advantages and disadvantages of these materials compared to conventional ones, we highlight performance, environmental, and economic sustainability implications. It also addresses the challenges hindering effective implementation and suggests practical solutions.

The Environmental Toll of Traditional Road Construction

Construction and maintenance of roads are pivotal to socio-economic development. However, the environmental costs are staggering. Road pavement construction typically involves …

Source: highways.today

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