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USTMA Kicks Off National Tire Safety Week: June 24 – July 3

The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA), representing tire manufacturers that produce tires in the U.S., kicks off National Tire Safety Week today. Running from June 24– July 3, 2024, USTMA’s annual initiative underscores the critical importance of tire safety and maintenance, particularly timely as drivers prepare for Fourth of July travel.

National Tire Safety Week serves as an annual reminder for drivers and fleet operators to inspect their tires and adhere to simple yet crucial maintenance practices. According to Hankook’s 2024 Gauge Index, driving in inclement weather (25%) tops the list of challenges for drivers, followed by driving in unfamiliar places (17%) and changing a flat tire (15%). These findings underscore the importance of USTMA’s efforts to promote tire safety and maintenance. These proactive measures safeguard not only personal well-being but the integrity and longevity of tires, ensuring a safer and more reliable driving experience.

“Tire safety is an integral component of overall road and highway safety,” said Anne Forristall Luke, USTMA President and CEO. “With this in mind, our member companies are continually striving to develop even safer and more sustainable tires, which rank among the most intricate and meticulously engineered products on the market. Through their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, they aim to enhance the safety and environmental responsibility of every journey.”

U.S. tire manufacturers recommend that drivers check tire pressure at least once a month, monitor tire tread depth, and ensure proper tire rotation and alignment for their vehicles. Regular maintenance and scheduled inspections by tire service professionals are crucial steps to maximize tire performance and longevity, while simultaneously helping to mitigate the environmental impact of tire wear. To help remember important tire maintenance actions, USTMA encourages drivers to use the acronym “P.A.R.T.”—Pressure, Alignment, Rotation and Tread. A toolkit with educational materials has also been made available to help the public join the conversation on #TireSafety.

USTMA members are at the forefront of advancing safe and sustainable mobility solutions for American consumers, naming new rules for consumer tire information and performance standards and the modernization of tire testing regulations as their top legislative priorities in their 2024 congressional letter.

Today’s tires are highly engineered – made up of over 200 different materials – and meticulously designed to maximize safety, performance, handling and durability. Employing a unique blend of chemistry, physics, and engineering, tires are often custom-tailored to meet the specific performance needs and stresses of individual vehicle models. Cutting-edge technologies like tire sensors for real-time monitoring and fuel-efficient tires that improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, offer tangible benefits for consumers’ wallets and the environment. Through continuous innovation, USTMA members are committed to providing consumers with unparalleled comfort, performance, efficiency, reliability, and safety.

USTMA members lead public education initiatives that empower drivers with the knowledge they need to stay safe. National Tire Safety Week is an industry-led initiative designed to help consumers learn simple yet essential steps for proper tire care and maintenance and is supported by USTMA members: Bridgestone Americas, Inc.; Continental Tire the Americas, LLC; Giti Tire (USA) Ltd.; The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; Hankook Tire America Corp; Kumho Tire U.S.A., Inc.; Michelin North America, Inc.; Nokian Tyres, Inc.; Pirelli Tire North America; Sumitomo Rubber Industries; Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc., and Yokohama Tire Corporation.

Source: USTMA

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