Aug 17

World‘s First Bicycle Tire Made from Used Tires

A new benchmark in environmental friendliness: Schwalbe and Pyrum present the first bicycle tire that closes the loop. The “Green Marathon“ is also made from 100% fair trade natural rubber and consists of a total of 70% recycled and renewable materials.
Pyrum Innovations AG and bicycle tyre manufacturer Ralf Bohle GmbH (brand: “Schwalbe“) have developed the world‘s first bicycle tyre made from recycled tyres. In the process, 100% recovered carbon black (rCB) from Pyrum is used to manufacture the “Green Marathon“, which serves as a direct product of the recycling process and replaces fossil carbon black. …
Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG: „The Green Marathon is an impressive example of how Pyrum can close the recycling loop with its partners. We are proud that our recycled material forms the basis for the world‘s first bicycle tyre made from end-of-life tyres. This development is further proof of our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. Together with Schwalbe, we will continue to work on creating environmentally friendly solutions for the tyre industry and continuously expand recycling opportunities.“ …

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