Mar 12, 2020

Welcome to Be Tire Smart’s Winter Tire Cost Calculator

According to our 2019 Canadian Consumer Winter Tire Study, 17 per cent of drivers who do not use winter tires cited cost as the main reason they don’t use them. We decided to challenge this perception and created Winter Tire Cost Calculator that will demonstrate that the cost of winter tires can be quite modest in the long run.

Our Winter Tire Cost Calculator will compare the cost of equipping your vehicle with a single set of tires against options of adding a second set of dedicated winter tires (either with or without extra rims or wheels) to your winter driving routine.

The Calculator will ask you to select all the driving and tire ownership costs and variables you need to consider when shopping for tires—tire price, kilometres driven annually, expected tire life, initial installation, tire rotations and their frequency, seasonal changeovers and storage.

Simply, do your research, fill in your figures, and presto! The Results section will provide you with monthly price difference between owning a single tire set or adding a second set of dedicated winter tires (with or without extra rims or wheels), average annual and monthly costs, and cost per 100 km.

We believe you will be surprised how affordable winter tires can be; and you can easily add superior performance, greater grip, shorter stopping distances and additional margin of safety at a modest monthly cost to your winter driving experience.

Let’s Calculate!

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