Jan 31, 2023

BKT Launches New Website

What’s your new year’s resolution? Many of us take the mantra “New Year, New You” literally, perceiving January 1st as a figurative ‘reset’ button: the ultimate opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate and redefine ourselves. And at BKT, we are no exception! After months of hard work and fine-tuning, we are ready to share our exciting new identity with you all.

Today, we have launched our brand new website! Yes – you heard correctly! So, discard those January blues, and join us in discovering what’s new.

New Year, New Look

You will likely first notice a change to the website’s overall aesthetic. While we, of course, have stayed true to our BKT brand colors, the site has had a significant revamp – especially in the way users can navigate the BKT Universe. As we’re sure you have noticed, the site is divided into our three main sectors: Agriculture, OTR and Industrial. This means that all the exclusive information about your industry, from products to events to news updates, is readily available at your fingertips!

New Usability

Moreover, our newly segmented site intends to give our customers an evolved user experience. At BKT, we pay close attention to our customers and their needs, and we wanted our new website to be easy to navigate – allowing you to become immersed in the world of your specific industry.

Usability is at the heart of our new website, allowing our customers to find their products of choice with ease. Each product page now contains more information than ever, including videos of the products in action, all the technical information you need, links to case studies and articles that can help you to make decisions on which tire is best for you.

More on the BKT Family

One of the main aims of our new website launch is to provide an enhanced customer experience: from usability to increased insights. In addition to providing more detailed information about our products, we’ve added more exclusive content to showcase who we are as a brand – and as a community. We love storytime at BKT! And we’ve now got more great stories and testimonials from our customers, giving first-hand insights into how our products work, and why they’re fit for purpose.

At BKT, we believe that sharing is caring. We want to share our story with our online community, allowing them to learn about our company’s heritage and our continuing missions and projects around the globe. Each member of our BKT family, employees and customers alike, is central to our journey – therefore, this new website intends to welcome everyone in, to gain insight into who we are, where we come from, and what we do.

New Year’s Resolutions

BKT certainly has many resolutions for 2023. If you have a read of our updated Sustainability page, we are confident that our passion for protecting our planet will shine through! Here, we discuss our sustainable initiatives across all areas, including our business endeavors, our dedication to the environment, and our people-centric approach.

We hope this whistle-stop tour of our new site has proved helpful, and that you enjoy the new-and-improved BKT experience – and perhaps come up with some new year’s resolutions of your own!

Source: BKT

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