Dec 13

Continental Boosts Sustainability Targets with Retread Tires

Continental says that retread tires play a role in achieving the company’s sustainability targets.

When tire tread depth has worn and is no longer adequate for safe transportation, retreading can be performed reusing quality tire casings. Retreads offer excellent fleet mobility solutions that can lead to both cost savings and environmental benefits. With good quality tires capable of being retreaded several times, the total cost of the tire asset over the long run is a benefit for the fleet, says Continental.

“Retread is a key part of Continental’s strategy in the U.S. market as we expand our retread portfolio, and the ContiLifeCycle retread network continues to serve our fleets. Our commitment to retreading is aligned with our company’s Vision 2030 of sustainability improvements,” said Shaun Uys, head of U.S. market replacement truck tire …

Source: AMN

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