Aug 4, 2022

Data Collection Aids Kal Tire to Keep Mine Tires Rolling

Mine sites are big on uptime. If a haul truck goes down unexpectedly it can throw off the routine and cost thousands of dollars on the bottom line – and that’s unacceptable in these high-paced operations.

Tires have the potential for problems at many times during the day, and if a tire fails, that vehicle is out of use and not making money. To keep tires healthy and functioning well, preventive maintenance is becoming more popular. For one dealer that focus is on constant monitoring and data analysis to ensure the rubber hitting the road is as ready as it can be every day.

Kal Tire introduced its Tire Operations Management System (TOMS) to mine sites that were looking for a new way to manage their fleet tire needs. TOMS enables proactive planning of tire maintenance needs, reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime. Plus, according to Dave Allan, vice president of Canada for Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group, TOMS has the ability to collect data at greater levels which makes it even easier to manage tire life and fleet operations. …

Source: Heavy Equipment Guide

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