Nov 8

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires: Staff Promotions and Expansion

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires has appointed Wes Samperio as the new Motorcycle Product Manager, while also announcing promotions for Chad Geer and Rick Zimmerman to expand their roles within the company.

 RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Dunlop Motorcycle Tires welcomes Wes Samperio as a new Motorcycle Product Manager. Wes comes to Dunlop from Falken Tire, the company’s car and truck tire brand, where he had worked his way up to lead the Falken FAST sales team to help grow their retail presence. Samperio will be located with the team at the Rancho Cucamonga headquarters located in California to join current Motorcycle Product Manager Chris Siebenhaar.

Sr. Vice President of Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Sales and Marketing, Mike Buckley, explains: “Wes is a motorcycle enthusiast at heart and will be an outstanding addition to the team, and we look forward to bringing him up to speed with the product planning process.”

Both Samperio and Siebenhaar will report to the newly appointed Director of Product Marketing and Motorcycle Motorsports, Chad Geer. The sixteen-year member of the Dunlop Motorcycle Tire team will now be fully responsible for Dunlop’s product roadmap along with all the processes that support it. Additionally, Chad will spearhead the product marketing and overall product branding by working with Dunlop’s marketing team to align on messaging. Finally, motorsport racing activities will come under his direction, including the sponsorship programs attached to the various series Dunlop competes in including amateur and club racing activities.

“Chad has worked tirelessly and effectively with all stakeholders involved in the Dunlop Motorcycle business, and has earned this expanded role,” Buckley said. He continued, “I’m confident Chad will excel in this expanded role and continue to drive for results for the business.”

Finally, Rick Zimmerman has been promoted to Director of Original Equipment for Sumitomo Rubber North America (SRNA). This newly created role now includes both four-wheel and two-wheel businesses. SRNA’s Detroit office will now report to Zimmerman, and he will direct the four-wheel OE side of the company from now on.

“While on the surface it seems like an overwhelming expansion of responsibilities, I am confident that Rick will be fully capable of handling this based on the outstanding job he has done with the two-wheel OE business throughout his tenure with us,” said Buckley.

“All these moves have one thing in common: these three associates have been making great contributions to our company and have earned expanded roles or roles that will stretch their knowledge and experience to allow them to continue toward future leadership roles within SRNA,” explained Buckley.

Source: Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

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