Nov 14

EU Weighs Options on Used Tires

Draft EU rules could see millions of tyres shipped outside of Europe for dumping or incineration, recyclers warn.

More than 50 million waste tyres could end up being indefinitely stockpiled in Europe or exported outside the EU for dumping under new rules currently being discussed in Brussels, a European recycling body has warned.

The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) accused the European Commission of going against its own circular economy agenda with draft legislation that would essentially prohibit the addition of rubber granules made from recycled tyres to AstroTurf sport pitches.

Under the plans, expected to be tabled next year and which are still subject to change, the EU would reclassify rubber infill as an intentionally added microplastic, which would essentially prohibit their use in artificial sports pitches.

Rubber infill has been added to some 32,000 artificial pitches across Europe to replicate the feel of natural turf. Around 80% of artificial sports pitches use rubber infill, a more affordable option than alternatives such as cork or hemp.

However, such pitches could soon be outlawed due to …

Source: Euractiv

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