Nov 14, 2022

Tire-to-Tire Recycling: Partnership between Tyromer and Continental Tires

Tyromer is pleased to announce that its recycled rubber material, produced via its environmentally sustainable, non-chemical extruder devulcanization of end-of-life tire rubber, is now used by Continental Tires. This is the result of a multi-year collaboration driven by the shared commitment of the two companies to circular economy in which end-of-life tire rubber is reused in the production of new tires. Tire-to-Tire recycling represents in many cases the most direct and energy efficient way to reuse what is still largely considered and treated as a waste.

Tire rubber compound accounts for over 80% of the CO2 emission from raw material production for a tire. Using TDP to replace virgin rubber compound will provide more than 90% CO2 emission reduction. As we move towards renewable energy and electric mobility, tire rubber compound production will be responsible for more than half of the lifecycle CO2 emission of a tire. Reducing CO2 emission from raw material production has never been more urgent.

“Tyromer is a trusted partner of ours supplying recycled rubber material. At Continental, we focus since many years on technologies that generate high-quality feedstock derived from end-of-life tires to produce new tires. Our goal is to gradually use 100 percent sustainably produced materials in our tire products by 2050 at the latest,” says Dr. Andreas Topp, Head of Materials and Process Development and Industrialization at Continental Tires.

“We could never have done it alone. Our collaboration with Continental Tires has taught us lessons in quality, reliability, consistency, among many others. We are grateful for the support and the guidance to tailor the specifications of our recycled rubber material according to Continental’s specific needs,” says Dr. Sam Visaisouk, CEO of Tyromer. “All of us at Tyromer are proud to be part of the solution.”

Source: Tyromer

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