Aug 14

Goodyear Collaborates with Opel to Create Tire Concept for Opel Experimental

Goodyear, a world leader in tire technology, has joined forces with German automotive brand Opel to develop an innovative custom tire designed specifically for the revolutionary Opel Experimental concept car. This collaboration between the two brands showcases Goodyear’s unwavering commitment to marrying exceptional design with cutting-edge automotive engineering.

The tire’s unique features, including a custom sidewall, tread design, and compound, seamlessly complement the striking aesthetics of the Opel Experimental concept, highlighting Goodyear’s dedication to delivering unforgettable design alongside this esteemed OEM.

Goodyear’s pioneering expertise successfully integrated the tire sidewall with the Ronal rims featured on the Opel Experimental, achieving aerodynamic efficiency synonymous with Opel’s renowned cars. Through meticulous engineering, Goodyear has tailored the tire’s capabilities to enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance, resulting in great energy efficiency.

Goodyear has incorporated colored flakes into the tire’s compound for this special concept project, aligning with Opel’s critically acclaimed Bold and Pure design philosophy. This innovative integration further enhances the uniqueness and distinction of the tire, adding an extra layer of aesthetics.

Laurent Colantonio, Goodyear’s Senior Director Technology Consumer EMEA, enthuses, “The Opel Experimental concept provides the perfect canvas to showcase Goodyear’s design capability. This visionary car embodies Opel’s commitment to extreme precision and high attention to detail, which resonate strongly with our own values. We are truly honored to have been chosen as partners for this exhilarating venture and to have the opportunity to craft a bespoke tire that perfectly complements this extraordinary concept car.”

The Opel Experimental featuring the custom Goodyear tire will be presented to an international audience at the IAA Mobility in Munich (September 5 to 10, 2023).

Source: Goodyear

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