May 25, 2023

How IndyCar and Its Partners Are Pioneering Use of Green Technology

… For more than a century, motorsport has been a fertile testing ground for automotive technology, with race teams perfecting disc brakes, carbon-fiber construction, push-button ignition and suspension systems — all advances that have made the transition from the racetrack to passenger cars. But in recent years the IndyCar Series, which returns to the iconic brickyard on May 28 for the 107th Indianapolis 500, has stepped up its game, adopting a collection of practices designed to make racing more eco-friendly, among them the use of alternative fuels, sustainable rubber for tires, electric-powered tools, even diesel for the 18-wheelers that haul racecars across the country.

“We’ve always been about innovation,” said Mark Sibla, IndyCar’s chief of staff. “And so I think we see this as another step in that. We want to be a good corporate citizen. And to be able to use innovation to be a good corporate citizen, and in some instances actually improve the product, it’s a win-win for everybody.” …

Source: LA Times (Yahoo!)

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