Dec 22, 2022

How Tire Makers Started Selling Christmas Records in the 1960s

From Spotify playlists to radio stations kicking off Christmas tunes on Black Friday, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the sounds of the Christmas spirit. But if you wanted a compilation of Christmas songs back in the 1960s, chances are you picked it up from the same place you’d get a new set of whitewalls. From 1961 to the mid-1970s, well before Mariah Carey’s monopoly on the holiday spirit took hold, tire manufacturers such as Goodyear and Firestone offered Christmas plates in their stores for about $1 (the equivalent of about $9.40 today).

Stanley Arnold was the man responsible for the unlikely but successful combination of rubber and Rudolph. Arnold worked at an advertising agency before striking out on his own, convincing executives at Goodyear …

Source: Windobi

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