Nov 15, 2022

Leading US Oil Company Concluded Successful Production Tests with Enviro’s Oil

Scandinavian Enviro Systems (publ) (“Enviro”, “the company”) received in February 2022 an order for pyrolysis oil from the subsidiary of a leading US oil company for production tests. The subsidiary has now informed Enviro that the production tests were successful.

The oil was delivered in June following its approval in accordance with the EU REACH directive, a condition for a final deal. The subsidiary has since carried out production tests of the delivered oil to determine how suitable it is for the production of various biofuels. These tests have now been finalized and Enviro has been informed by the client that the tests were successful.

“This information is a very important confirmation not only of the quality of our pyrolysis oil, but also of the key role that our recovered oil could play from a sustainability perspective. All in all, this is further proof of the commercial potential in our recycling technology and the products it can provide to the market,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.

Enviro’s recovered pyrolysis oil was previously certified under the global ISCC EU sustainability certification system and approved in accordance with the EU REACH Directive.

Source: Enviro

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