Mar 8, 2023

Maureen Kline, Pirelli: Working Towards A Cultural Shift

Kline, the Vice President of Public Affairs and Sustainability for Pirelli Tire North America, is also on a number of boards such as the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC), the US Tire Manufacturers’ Association as well as many other boards and groups. 

She’s been with Pirelli since 2006 and started out in the Milan head office. As a college student, Kline had visited Italy and fell in love with it. “I didn’t expect to live half my life there,” she chuckles. “One thing led to another, I had a great career and a great family.”

Kline came back to North America in 2012, setting up a public affairs practice in Pirelli. At the same time, she was appointed by the sustainability department in the headquarters to be responsible for implementing the sustainability strategy in the region. At that time, the sustainability department in Milan decided to appoint a person in every region to be in charge of implementing sustainability, and it was always someone with another role. “I was excited about sustainability and knew I could weave it into the public affairs work very nicely,” notes Kline. …

Source: Autosphere

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