Oct 23

Michelin Tweel Tires on Ferris Mowers

The new Michelin X TWEEL Turf 26-inch tire can now be used on a preferred mower of choice among landscape contractors, Ferris Mowers’ new ISX 3300 model.

The Michelin X TWEEL Turf tire in size 26x12N12 XL with a 5on4.5” PCD and -2.2-inch offset can be used to replace the standard 26x12x12 tire on an existing mower.

“The Michelin X TWEEL Turf 26-inch tire is the offering within our new partnership with Ferris Mowers for their most productive commercial mowers,” said Tony Marconi, business director of Michelin Tweel Technologies. “Ferris mowers are already known for their consistent mow quality, high productivity and excellent operator comfort due to their exclusive suspension technology.  The Michelin X TWEEL Turf tire is an ideal choice to further expand and enhance that performance.”

Michelin’s airless TWEEL tires eliminate downtime due to flats and unseated beads, and they help maintain a level deck without the need to adjust air pressure.

“At Ferris, we recognize the need to offer multiple tire options to meet the various needs of our customers,” said Christin Wam, senior director of marketing at Briggs & Stratton. “Not all turf is equal, and not all jobs are the same. Providing an option like this, which we’ve tested and validated to deliver premium performance with Ferris equipment, demonstrates our understanding of what it takes to win in landscape contracting.”

The Michelin X TWEEL Turf tire’s pneumatic-like performance and ease of mounting eliminate costly downtime due to flat tires, a key pain point in the landscaping industry.

The Michelin X TWEEL Turf tire in size 26x12N12 XL features a 1,031-pound load capacity, allowing the use of an optional bagging system. It incorporates a 5-bolt design, which mounts easily to the Ferris ISX3300 mowers without modification or complex mounting equipment.

Representatives from both the Michelin X TWEEL Turf tire and Ferris Mowers teams will be available for media interviews at Equip Exposition October 17-20. Michelin is located at booth No. 7040. You can learn more about TWEEL tires at our website.

Source: Michelin

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