May 4, 2022

MTD’s AG Tire Talk Discusses Carbon Sequestration

Modern Tire Dealer has partnered with AG Tire Talk to provide answers to insightful questions that farm tire dealers have about farm tire technology. This is the next installment in our ongoing series, which is designed to help farm tire dealers better connect with their customers. A trending question, followed by answers, will appear in our Commercial Tire Dealer section every other month. For complete answers, click on www.agtiretalk.com.

Question: Carbon dioxide is released in large quantities through tillage or plowing. No-till farming practices help keep carbon dioxide from being released. Reduced tillage also improves soil health. As the federal government pushes new environmental standards, farmers are now being paid to reduce tillage. How can tire technology and inflation management help? 


Dave Paulk, manager, field technical services, BKT USA: In the carbon economy, farmers can be offered opportunities to sell carbon credits – thus generating more income – through conservation practices. Farmers can manage their soil to increase carbon stocks. Some of the ways are …

Source: MTD

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