Oct 11

NEXEN TIRE Lands Two IDEA Design Awards

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced that two of its concept tires, the CONQUEROR and the PUREBACK were named as finalists at the 2022 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in the United States.

The IDEA Design Awards, which is regarded as one of the top three international design organizations and held annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), is marking its 42nd anniversary this year.

As a joint industry-academic collaboration with students in the product design field, NEXEN TIRE and The Korea Design Membership Plus (KDM+) focused on creating future concept tires that can combat tough climate conditions and environmental challenges.

The CONQUEROR concept tire was designed specifically for usage in the winter on snowy roads. Normally, it maintains its shape all year round, and when a smart sensor detects a slick road condition, a spike on the tread extends to improve stability and mobility.

The PUREBACK is an environmentally friendly tire, which was created to effectively separate and discharge microplastics produced while driving in a central capsule in real time through an inlet between treads. By doing this, microplastics that causes tire wear helps to prevent air pollution.

Meanwhile, NEXEN TIRE has also received and has been recognized by numerous international design awards such as the Red Dot Design Awards and the iF Design Awards.


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