Jun 8, 2023

Pirelli Introduces a New UHP Tire for North America

Pirelli today announced the introduction of the P Zero AS Plus 3, a new Ultra-High performance All-Season tire designed specifically for premium cars.

This tire combines the sporty performance of the Pirelli iconic P Zero range with the comfort and durability of the Pirelli “Plus” line which is specifically developed to meet the needs of North American drivers – in particular the demand for all season tires capable of covering many miles with great handling.

The new P Zero AS Plus 3 enriches the Pirelli lineup, tailor made for the American market, and adds to the Scorpion AS Plus 3, Pirelli’s all-season tire for crossovers, sport utility vehicles, and pick-up trucks, and the P7 AS Plus 3, for sedans and coupes.

With a completely new tread pattern, compound and construction, the new P Zero AS Plus 3 is equipped with a 50,000-mile limited tread wear warranty that places it among the best in class in its category.

With the use of 3D sipe technology, combined with innovative materials such as functionalized polymers in the compounds, the new Pirelli tire is designed to deliver even wear, improved snow traction and braking, excellent performance on wet, and a comfortable ride with reduced cabin noise. This new product is the top performing all-season tire in the Pirelli range and has been developed through extensive use of virtual modeling and innovation in the field of materials.

The P Zero AS Plus 3 also offers a wide range of fitments for owners of high-end cars that want the best performance in all weather conditions and can rely on the rich Pirelli Motorsport DNA and its long relationship with the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world.

The new tire is available in 31 sizes, from 17 to 20 inches. Key fitments include the Ford Mustang, Genesis G80, BMW 3 series, and the Mercedes Benz C-Class.

“The P Zero AS Plus 3 is a testament to Pirelli’s focus on the North American Region and its commitment to develop products that answer to the specific needs of this market,” said Claudio Zanardo, President and CEO of Pirelli North America. “We’re confident that this tire will exceed our customers’ expectations, providing a great driving experience and delivering exceptional performance in all conditions.”

The new P Zero AS Plus 3 is designed to deliver long-lasting performance in all weather conditions, thanks to the usage of horizontal 3D siping: the 3D sipe interlocking system is designed to increase tread pattern stiffness, resulting in superb braking on wet and snow. In addition, the new Pirelli tire features higher siping density to improve snow performance grip.

The four wide longitudinal grooves are designed for improved water displacement from the tire footprint, boosting wet performance and reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

The implementation of functionalized polymers in the tread compound offers significant advantages, resulting in enhanced rolling efficiency and reduced rolling resistance by 10%. Setting new benchmarks in performance, these remarkable benefits extend to improved fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Utilizing virtual design, the tire’s performance has been simulated throughout its usage achieving a 20% increase in tread efficiency at end-of-life.

Furthermore, engineering of this new tire has focused on optimizing the pitch sequence, effectively minimizing cabin noise to ensure comfortable driving experience. Through the utilization of predictive calculation algorithms, the asymmetrical design, featuring a central helix, was fine-tuned in a specialized semi-anechoic chamber using prototypes. This allowed the design team to identify the perfect sequence with the shoulder crosspieces, resulting in 1dbB reduction in in-cabin noise. Such noise reduction positions the new Pirelli all-season tire at the forefront of its category, delivering unparalleled driving comfort.

In the development process of the new P Zero AS Plus 3, Pirelli engineers placed also great emphasis on mileage, augmenting the tire stiffness to enhance road contact – extending the mileage and improving the tire’s performance.

Source: Pirelli

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