May 21, 2021

Prometeon Launches New Corporate Website

Prometeon Tyre Group is launching the new corporate website with a very clear goal: to make the Sustainability, People and Innovation concepts – which are the foundation of the company’s philosophy – increasingly clear to users. The new platform is already online and has been designed by an in-hose team of communication, graphics and programming experts.

There website hosts many new features, starting from the layout: the homepage has been redesigned, also graphically, with the aim of better reflecting the company’s philosophy while the new Sections – named Sustainability, People, Innovation and Testimonials – embody the company’s new approach. At the same time, the product pages have been revamped, aiming to make them more appealing, modern and accessible. The Services section features a new dedicated area, linked to that of product, emphasising Prometeon’s synergy as a Solution Provider for Professionals, while the Innovation section explores the topics related to simulations, partnerships with universities and digital universe.

Source: GRM

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