Mar 3, 2021

TIA Opposes Proposed Minimum Wage Hike

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has signed onto a letter to legislators, voicing its opposition to the recently proposed minimum wage increase.

Here’s the content of the letter, provided by TIA officials.

“Dear Chair Murray, Chairman Scott, Ranking Member Burr, and Ranking Member Foxx:

“On behalf of Main Street businesses across America, we write to strongly oppose the Raise the Wage Act of 2021. Small businesses, ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, are struggling to keep their doors open and keep employees on payroll. More than doubling the federal minimum wage presents a significant obstacle to ailing small businesses trying to survive the pandemic.

“The Raise the Wage Act of 2021 would increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour over five years, allow for annual automatic increases without the consent of Congress, and eventually eliminate the tipped wage. When small employers are confronted with increased labor costs, they are left with few options, …

Source: Modern Tire Dealer

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