Aug 4, 2022

TPMS Matters Even More in an Electrified Vehicle

The upcoming era of electric vehicles is truly the topic of our time in this industry. As the infrastructure for this imminent change is getting put into place, it is easy to wonder what other changes will come our way when it comes to servicing these vehicles. As vehicles get smarter, safer and more efficient, what parts become less necessary? One thing you can be sure of is there will continue to be a need for a sensor in the tire.

One of the many benefits of a functioning tire pressure monitoring system in an ICE vehicle is that proper tire inflation helps improve fuel efficiency. When a tire has adequate pressure, the tire sits on the road properly, allowing it to grip better and have the strength to move the vehicle forward more efficiently. For electric vehicles, this translates to range. If there is one thing that will be of vital importance with EVs, it is increasing driving range between charges. Tire sensors will continue to support that effort. …

Source: Tire Review

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