Apr 11, 2023

TTI Interview: CEO of Century Enka on 100% Nylon Tire Cord Fabric

TTI speaks with Suresh Sodani, managing director and CEO of Century Enka, about the company’s recently developed nylon tire cord fabric (NTCF) made from 100% recycled nylon waste – a sustainable development which was nominated for this year’s Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence.

Can you give us a little more detail on how and when the nylon tire cord fabric project began? How long has Century Enka been working on this? Century Enka started working on sustainable nylon in 2015. The company has the technology to recycle in-house process waste and convert it into caprolactam – we inherited it from our technology partner Akzo, in the Netherlands. Century Enka ventured into making Nylon 6 polymers from recycled caprolactam, and …

Source: TTI

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