Jan 29

U.S. Rubber Recycling Market Expands

The rubber recycling and manufacturing marketplace is experiencing significant transformations, driven by both environmental concerns and technological advancements.

As John Sheerin, senior director end-of-life tire programs at USTMA, explained, in 2024 USTMA will begin preparation of their 2023 U.S. Scrap Tire Management Report, which will provide additional important insights and update the findings from the organization’s 2021 report.

Currently recycling tire rubber into ground rubber products has been a growing market. In USTMA’s latest Scrap Tire Management Report (2021) it was noted that the ground rubber market increased by 20 percent since 2019, making it the largest end-of-life tire market, consuming roughly 28 percent of all scrap tires in areas such as molded and extruded products (rubber mats and flooring as examples), rubber modified asphalt, rubber mulch and fine ground rubber (a material used in new tires, coating, and sealants).

“Also, tire derived fuel continues to be a …

Source: American Recycler

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