Feb 12

Yokohama Rubber Now Applying Its Proprietary “E+” Mark on Truck and Bus Tires

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that it has begun applying its proprietary “E+” mark on its tires for trucks and buses. The “E+” mark, which indicates the tire has special qualities suitable for electrified vehicles, was first applied to YOKOHAMA passenger car tires in the latter half of 2023 in a move to strengthen the appeal of YOKOHAMA tires for electrified vehicles. The first truck or bus tires to bear the “E+” mark will be a tire sold for use on buses in Japan and another one for buses in Europe.

Yokohama Rubber is applying its “E+” mark only to its tires that feature technologies that meet the unique needs of electrified vehicles. For example, the tires must have the strength to withstand the higher loads associated with heavy electric batteries as well as the electric motor’s high torque output. The tires also must have a quietness quality that complements the lack of noise from the vehicle’s engine. They also must contribute to the vehicle’s efficient use of electricity and other energy sources and expand the vehicle’s driving range. In addition to being displayed on the sidewall of YOKOHAMA tires suitable for electrified vehicles, the “E+” mark will be prominently displayed in tire catalogs and websites to facilitate customers’ tire selection. The first YOKOHAMA tire to bear the “E+” mark was the new ADVAN Sport EV, an ultra-high performance summer tire for EVs that Yokohama Rubber introduced in Europe and other markets in autumn 2023. The next passenger car tire to bear the “E+” mark will be the new ADVAN dB V553 premium comfort tire introduced this February.

The first YOKOHAMA bus tires to bear the “E+” mark are the 507U sold in Japan and the 120U sold in Europe. Yokohama Rubber expects the 507U’s enhanced durability and wear resistance when used on low-floor buses and increased ability to be retread will enhance its appeal for use on EV buses in Japan. The 120U meets the stringent requirements of the leading transport company in Spain, where use of electrified vehicles is being promoted, and therefore delivers the high performance that meets the specific needs of the EV buses in throughout Europe. Yokohama Rubber reached an agreement with the Spanish company in September 2023 to begin delivering tires for its EV buses.

To meet expanding demand for tires suitable for use on electrified vehicles, Yokohama Rubber is strengthening its development of passenger car and truck/bus tires suitable for use as original equipment on electrified vehicles. Yokohama will continue to expand the application of its proprietary “E+” mark on its tires suitable for use on electrified vehicles as it seeks to raise the awareness of users around the world of its tires’ suitability for use on electric vehicles.

Source: Yokohama

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