Jan 15

Yokohama to Operate Directly in the Italian Market

Considering the strategic importance of the Italian market, YOKOHAMA has set up Yokohama Pneumatici Srl, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Yokohama Group; headquartered in Milan, the Company will be operational from January 1, 2024.

The primary objective of this operation is undoubtedly to get closer to customers, to better and more directly understand the needs of such a relevant market in the European region and to provide solutions with a level of service consistent with the premium positioning of the brand.

After an initial start-up phase, the distribution of products will take place through various channels, from regional distributors to dealers, also involving fleet managers and the service networks of the main automotive brands.

The direct presence on the Italian market will bring renewed attention to marketing and product development policies, harmonizing the situation in Italy with what is already happening in other European countries where YOKOHAMA has had a direct presence on the market for several years.

YOKOHAMA develops, manufactures and sells tyres in all product categories, from summer high-performance passenger car tyres to winter tyres for driving on icy and snowy roads, truck and bus tyres, off-highway tyres (OHT) for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, industrial machinery and forestry machinery as well as a wide range of tyres dedicated to motorsport activities.

Source: Yokohama

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