Sep 15, 2021

Cooper Tire’s Endeavor, Endeavor Plus Now Available

FINDLAY, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cooper Tire today announced that its Cooper® Endeavor™ and Endeavor Plus™ tires for cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks, respectively, are now available for consumer purchase from participating dealers nationwide. Designed to get drivers to their destinations reliably and safely, the two new tires offer a mix of wet performance, strong handling, and a long tread life for peace of mind in a variety of on-road conditions. The Endeavor line provides a lengthy 65,000-mile warranty – making them an outstanding choice for long-distance drivers looking for consistent performance.

In-depth consumer research informed the Cooper Tire team’s development of the Endeavor and Endeavor Plus tires, finding that treadwear and wet performance are highly important for drivers of cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. With a primary goal of safety and reliability in mind, the tires feature several treadwear capabilities to improve braking in wet and snowy conditions. This design also makes the Endeavor seasonally versatile, as the tires deliver consistently solid performance whether driving through rainy summer days or snowy winter conditions.

“The Endeavor and Endeavor Plus tires were made to offer great all-around performance for anyone from college students driving their first car, to multi-hour commuters looking for a smooth and quiet ride,” said Michiel Kramer, Executive Director, Product Marketing, for Cooper Tire. “These tires were designed with consumer needs at the forefront, which is why we focused on providing excellent mileage and handling for drivers across the spectrum of vehicle types.

The Endeavor and Endeavor Plus employ a number of proven technologies to meet consumer needs:

  • The Wear Square® indicator allows you to quickly see the approximate tread life remaining on your tires.
  • A trusted and proven design provides predictable and stable handling when you need it.
  • The right combination of water evacuation grooves and checkmark channels help flush out water, which puts more rubber on the road for better traction in wet conditions.

Alongside a focus on safety, the new tires’ construction provides a comfortable and quiet ride, even on rough and bumpy roads. They smoothly handle uneven road surfaces and give drivers peace of mind.

“We set out to create a product that provides immense value for the performance that drivers get on the road, whether the Endeavor or Endeavor Plus are the first, second or third round of tires on their vehicle,” said Kramer.

The Endeavor and Endeavor Plus are now available for purchase from select dealers nationwide, with a 45-day test drive also available with purchase.

Source: Cooper Tire

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