Nov 25, 2021

Ecolomondo Establishes US Holding Company

Montreal, QC, November 24, 2021– Ecolomondo Corporation (TSXV:ECM) (OTC:ECLMF) (the “Company” or “Ecolomondo”), a cleantech company specializing in the development of proprietary recycling technology, Thermal Decomposition Process (“TDP”), and the commercialization of turnkey TDP facilities, today announced that it has established Ecolomondo Corporation USA Inc., with a focus to build turnkey TDP facilities throughout the United States that process End-of-life tires (“ELT”) into saleable end-products including recycled carbon black, oil, gas, steel and fiber.

Ecolomondo Corporation USA Inc. is expected to hold a controlling interest in all future US-situated TDP facilities as part of a global expansion strategy to roll-out its market-leading green technology and processing facilities that process ELTs into commodity products.

“We are excited to bring Ecolomondo’s turnkey TDP facilities into the US and offer advanced solutions to ELT processers and recyclers,” said Eliot Sorella, Ecolomondo’s CEO and Chairman. “After years of R&D testing, we will be set up to have engineering firms deliver TDP turnkey facilities in approximately 12-18 months, all underpinned by a business model offering multiple revenue streams with very low spending requirements on raw materials.”

Ecolomondo was first incorporated and acquired by Sorella in 2007, with a vision of developing a commercially viable industrial-scale facility. Since then, management has focused on creating a scalable end-to-end automated process with rigorous safety features in place. The Company has tested and refined the process for years, conducting many trial runs at its two-reactor pilot research and development (R&D) facility.

The Hawkesbury TDP turnkey facility which will soon be commissioned will incorporate all of the technological advancements developed at the Pilot facility in Contrecoeur, Quebec, Canada.

“Ecolomondo has a long and successful track record of innovation and execution,” Sorella added. “We have the engineering experience and proprietary technology needed to successfully execute our roll-out plans, and look forward to providing additional updates on our progress in the US market.”

Source: Ecolomondo

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