Apr 20, 2023

Enviro CEO Thomas Sörensson visits The Tyre Recycling Podcast

“This is truly a game changer in the industry. I think this will be paving the way for pyrolysis and the possibilities for sustainable materials and the circular economy – both for the carbon black materials and the tire pyrolysis oil. The three different parties [Enviro, Antin Infrastructure Partners, Michelin] all contribute with significant and critical experience”, says Thomas Sörensson, CEO Enviro, in the interview.

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Enviro has the opportunity to acquire 30 percent, how does that work?

“When we started the strategic development of the company several years ago, which started with the partnership with Michelin, we wanted to make sure that we have a long-term stake in the infrastructure investments that are happening, and be part of the value creation over time. Not just as a technology supplier but as a co-owner. This is of course extremely beneficial for us and our shareholders.”

What is Antin’s role in the joint venture partnership?

“Antin is a well-known specialist in this type of infrastructure investment. They are based in France but have a global presence with around 200 employees focused on this type of infrastructure development. They have capacity for larger investments, in mature markets. This is what they call a Next-Gen investment where they explore new potential infrastructure technologies like [Enviro’s] and try to find the best technology providers and partners. Antin has selected us after a multi-year evaluation of different technology providers.”

“We [Enviro] have been talking about establishing Uddevalla for a while, but the strategic plan that has been communicated has always included the establishment of multiple sites. We can now implement that strategy together with Antin and the management team of the joint venture.”

The goal of recycling 1 million tires by 2030 is remarkably ambitious. What percentage of the materials do you think will go back to the tire industry?

“This figure is a target that we communicated earlier, and it is based on our assessment of the potential that exists. If we look at the overall market, everyone in the tire industry is looking for new sustainable options and recycled carbon black is definitely a solution that we have proven from Enviro and Michelin’s side can be reintroduced, in both regular tires and racing tires.”

On the question of the growing market, how many plants does Enviro see in Europe? …

Source: Enviro

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