Sep 22, 2021

ETRMA Calls for Legislative Proposal on Access to In-Vehicle Data

Brussels, 21st September 2021 – The European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association participated to the “Access to in-vehicle data” Workshop and would like to thank the European Commission for the opportunity to contribute to such a strategic topic for the automotive industry.

ETRMA takes note of the European Commission’s roadmap and the planned impact assessment that will support the legislative process.

In the spirit of the discussions, we expect the European Commission to publish a legislative proposal on access to in-vehicle data in the first quarter of 2022. This would create fair and secure in-vehicle data access that will enable a level playing field for all automotive stakeholders.

The lack of access to in-vehicle data and functions increasingly and seriously impedes our ability to innovate and to provide our consumers and commercial customers, with the digital services they expect.

The tyre industry strongly supports a smart, safe, and sustainable mobility ecosystem. However, some conditions must be met and ETRMA invites the European Commission to consider the following objectives for the upcoming in-vehicle data access legislative proposal:

  • Ensure equal access to in-vehicle data, functions and resources.
  • Help the industry to plan its next steps by clarifying the definition and remit of digital services as they apply to “native” connected vehicles.
  • Place the users at the heart of future governance of vehicle data access, in line and with the same ambition of the fundamental principles of separation of duties, data protection and cybersecurity.

ETRMA and its members remain available to continue the dialogue with all the stakeholders and the European Commission to create a level playing field for vehicle data access.

Source: ETRMA

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